About me

Transparency for you and the hotel staff.


My name is Maciej Jedrasik and I am 41 years old I am married and have two sons, Marcel 7 years attended school by the sea in Travemünde and Max 15 years attended Clongowes Wood College in Ireland.


I have more than 20 years of professional experience in the hospitality industry and do not know any more exciting industry than this one.


I completed my apprenticeship as a cook in Lodz (Poland) and moved to Baden-Wüttenberg immediately after my apprenticeship. There I worked as a cook in various hotels and restaurants.


In 2005, I got to know my wife, who has been working in the hotel and restaurant industry for 16 years.


In 2008 we moved to Hamburg, where I started as a chef at VAPIANO. After two years, I was promoted to manager.


2011 followed the move to the home of my wife to Travemünde. Here I worked a long time for the A-ROSA Travemünde in a leading position in the F & B area.

In all my professional stages, I came across the daily challenges - the HOTEL PERSONAL is missing and no one could help in the long term.

So my idea was born to get well-qualified staff from my home country Poland to Germany.